Old Cold Dragon

The Blue Dragon is a common breed, usually found in caves or wastelands.


The Blue Dragon breed has a blue body and wings. Sometimes, there are icicles on the wings.


  • Wing Resize They can modify the size of their wings, but it can't grow smaller than half of default or bigger than twice of default.
  • Ice Form They can form a layer of ice around their body. This ice is flexible. Once they used this ability, the dragon becomes weak to sunlight for life.
  • Ice Breath They can make a cold chill come out of their mouth. This chill can freeze anything, including air.
  • Icicles They can make icicles form. This is usually done in a cave to show that its their property.
  • Human Hearing They understand what humans say.

Aging Process

Youngling - 0 Years Old

Child - 100 Years Old

Mature - 500 Years Old

Elder - 10,000 Years Old

Average Death - 15,000 Years Old


There are currently no known Blue Dragon tribes.

List of Alive Blue Dragons

List of Late Blue Dragons