Nul was a dragon born using the blood of Pandrin. He was released from the dome that fastens time when he was 5,100 years old. His brothers are Menco and Shinchi.


Nul is part of the Red Dragon breed.


Youngling - 0 Years Old

Child - 500 Years Old

Mature - 5,500 Years Old

Elder - 15,000 Years Old

Average Death - 40,000 Years Old


Nul was bought by Jeoff Penmick with a check. Jeoff was offered for this dragon for free, but he paid anyway.

Reason Bought

Jeoff knew Nul was dying and bought him to save his life before he got killed in the dome.

Seller Details

These are details that Jim Owari said when Nul was sold.

  • Nul is clumsy.
  • Nul is unable to fly.
  • Nul is beaten up more than all of the dragons that ever entered the dome combined.

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