Blue dragon

Pooka is a dragon in the traveling circus, Eitilte. He is 6,660 years old.


Pooka is part of the Blue Dragon breed. Although, he doesn't know how to use any of the Blue Dragon abilities except for Human Hearing.


Youngling - 0 Years Old

Child - 100 Years Old

Mature - 500 Years Old

Elder - 10,000 Years Old

Average Death - 15,000 Years Old


Pooka was captured and forced into this circus when he was 6,640-ish.

Being disobedient at that time, he was punished by Jake Sorcas. He took a flaming sword that slashed through his left wing to the left leg. Ever since then, he was obedient to Jake. The scar is still there.

Pooka is friendly towards Menco after his failure during a show.

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