Shinchi was a dragon born using the blood of Pandrin. He was released from the dome that fastens time when he was 720 years old. His brothers are Menco and Nul.


Shinchi is part of the Red Dragon breed.


Youngling - 0 Years Old

Child - 500 Years Old

Mature - 5,500 Years Old

Elder - 15,000 Years Old

Average Death - 40,000 Years Old


Shinchi was bought by Menick Coosko with five hundred million dollars. It was paid by a business credit card.

Reason Bought

Menick bought Shinchi so he can find Jaglin, another Red Dragon that managed to escape him. He uses Shinchi to find all of the Red Dragons in Gregstella.

Seller Details

These are details that Jim Owari said when Shinchi was sold.

  • Shinchi is weak
  • Shinchi can fly faster than any other dragon in the dome.


Only Menick knows that he's a dragon because he stays in his human form. He only follows the orders of Menick, and is used to find hidden Red Dragons.

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