White Dragon2

A white dragon from the Harumagedon tribe.

White Dragon With Feather Wings

A white dragon from the Legende tribe.

The White Dragon is an endangered dragon breed, with only one alive.


The White Dragon breed's appearance is a white body. Although, the type of wings they have differ on their tribe. The Legende Tribe has feather wings and the Harumagedon Tribe has bat wings.


  • Enhanced Lifetime Although they can still be killed by unnatural ways, a white dragon will die of age much later than other dragons.
  • Injury Healing This isn't exactly an ability, but a way to heal themselves. They can chomp their arm or any other body part and suck some blood. By drinking the blood, they can heal their skeleton, internal organs, skin and feather/membrane.
  • Blood Regeneration This is an ability that the white dragons adapted from several situations, because of the above ability. They can regenerate blood at a extremely slow pace.
  • Human Hearing This ability allows white dragons to be able to understand human speech. Although, this hasn't really been useful, because barely any white dragons made contact with humans.
  • Wing Molt Every 100 years, the wings of the dragon fall out. They don't grow back till a year later.

Aging Process

Youngling - 0 Years Old

Child - 2,500 Years Old

Mature - 5,500 Years Old

Elder - 100,000 Years Old

Average Death - 100,500 Years Old


List Of Alive White Dragons

List Of Late White Dragons

Note: These are the only White Dragons that have at least a small role in the story.